2016 AgTech Immersion Program

At Silicon Valley Forum’s 2016 AgTech Immersion Program, we had more than 60 participants who took part of an informative and educating program around the hottest topics in the agriculture industry, including Big Data, Connected Farm, Precision Agriculture and more. The participants consisted of high-level executives from companies and government organizations in the agriculture industry from different parts of the world; Columbia, Australia, Brasil, New Zealand, Japan, China, Denmark, Switzerland, US and more.

The activities were held on April 18 – 21 and included 4 days of inspiring and engaging networking activities with leading technology companies that are pushing the envelope within the agriculture technology space such as Climate Corporation, Driscoll’s, Granular, AgFunder, Precision Hawk and many more. The participants had the opportunity to meet with fellow peers, prospective clients, and industry experts. We concluded the immersion program with the Silicon Valley Forum AgTech conference, organized in association with Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand, and Wharf42, ‘How Digital Technologies are Transforming AgTech,’ which brought together industry leaders to discuss the outlook and potential of AgTech with an emphasis on future technologies and the impact of digitalization.

Find the past AgTech Program Agenda here: http://bit.ly/AgSVF

Find the past AgTech Conference Agenda here: http://bit.ly/agtechagenda

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