9 upcoming startups from Brazil – DemoDayBrasil

Silicon Valley Forum had the pleasure to work with Apex-Brasil and Startup Brasil to help them put together a full-seated Demo Day with 9 of Brazilian up-and-coming startups. An evening which finished with a keynote speech by Pascal Finette, Managing Director of Singularity University Labs.

The evening started with welcome speech from the honorable Eduardo Prisco Paraiso Ramos, Consul General of Brazil in San Francisco, and continued with opening remarks from Fernando at Apex-Brasil North America and Vitor from Start-Up Brasil.

The nine startups of the evening had just finished their acceleration program at Startup Brasil in Silicon Valley, and they were ready to take on the stage and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in a sold-out evening. The judges of the evening included:

Each startup had 5 minutes to pitch followed by a 5 minutes Q&A with some extra feedback from the judges. The judges also got to score each pitch for a final winner to be selected! We got to hear some great innovative ideas.


Virtual Avionics

The first startup up on stage was Virtual Avionics. Virtual Avionic’s goal is to provide realistic flight simulation hardware and software solutions for enthusiasts, and professional training. They are currently looking for a series A investment to expand their portfolio, international sales, and fund the development for a full flight simulator – a device used for pilot training and certification. 


Next up to pitch was Econodata that has an algorithm that access thousands of different data sources to be able to provide detailed information for B2B lead generation to increase sales.


Tippz delivers online real-time dynamic reports on consumers’ behavior in bars and restaurants to beverage makers and their retailers.  The reports are modeled in each consumer’s profile or “persona” such as age, material status, location etc.  allowing strategic decision making in commercial and marketing areas of companies. To date Tippz have more than 52k consumer users and 182 business clients.


Solides has developed a precise software solution that maps behavioral profiles used in the process of hiring, management, development of people by human resources professionals, coaches, educators and trainers. The main benefits include raising employee’s productivity through adequate adjustment of profiles and positions they are performing, as well as reductions in staff turnover costs for companies.


MaxMilhas is a marketplace for trading air miles. They connect people who want to fly by paying an affordable price to people who want to sell their frequent flyer miles before they expire, which enable savings of up to 80% on airline tickets for the buyers and extra income for the sellers. For now, it’s legal in Brazil, and Max Milhas is aware of the risks of emerging law and regulations.


Superela is a platform that makes women feel more confident and less lonely. Through free online content produced by 100+ writers and a community where they can talk to other users, women are able to receive all the help they need about love, sex, life, beauty, and fashion. Superela.com launched in January 2014 and have already more than 500K unique visitors on their site monthly.


Urbotip is a collaborative tool that encourages citizens to approach local government through the engagement and sharing of urban issues via an mobile app. Urban problems can be anticipated, quickly addressed and resource coordinated to operate more effectively. Urbotip have three city halls on board using their platform. 


Pinmypet has developed a business model that combines two major trends; IoT Wearable Devices and Pet Big Data. The platform delivers pet information in one place. Customer can track their pet’s daily activity and movement patterns, and see their real-time location, keeping them healthy and safe. More than 22K people have subscribed for pre-sales!


Nazar is an agentless application database performance monitoring SaaS specially designed to simplify complex and time-consuming task of application tuning. This developer tool provides predictive analytics to keep apps running fast and reduce infrastructure costs. Nazar has 30 customers in Brazil and Chile with a revenue of $30K in the last 12 months.

The keynote Pascal Finette

We got the honor to listen to Pascal Finette speaking about the evolution of technology and innovation and how it will affect our future. Pascal presented several insightful slides in which some of our favorites or take away were the following.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

“Don’t think linearly when the world is moving exponentially.”

“The Magnitude of the challenge X The Intensity of the attack = Our Rate of Growth.” 


The Winner

After some great pitches and an insightful keynote speech it was time to calculate the scores from the judges, and the winner for the best pitch was….. Nazar! Congratulations!


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