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We connect people and organizations to the knowledge, networks, and companies in Silicon Valley. We leverage our 37 years of experience and our proven impact on a global scale – as well as our vast network in local ecosystem, to provide resources for both U.S. and global entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders to help build and scale your company and innovation.

Our customized programs for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, university students, and strategic partnerships with top Silicon Valley technology companies provide the necessary tools to drive impact and thrive in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

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Our Silicon Valley Team

Through public events and closed session roundtable discussions, we will help you identify partners and promote the benefits of your region.

Denyse Cardozo

Executive Director

Denyse drives the vision, goals, and strategy, overseeing more than 70 programs & events per year supporting and educating the global technology and startup community. Denyse’s vision for the organization is one of continued growth into international markets, leadership, and innovation. Under her direction, Silicon Valley Forum has seen substantial growth in their community engagement, and is fast becoming the leading source of knowledge and connections for entrepreneurs, both in the Bay Area and in international hubs around the world. In 2015, she launched our Women in Tech Festival. Within the scope of the Festival and beyond, Denyse strives to support, promote, and encourage women’s achievements in STEM and business careers. In her spare time, you’ll find her at the beach with her beloved rescue dog, Quincy.

Amanda Llerena

Digital Marketing & Special Projects Manager

Amanda manages the digital marketing strategy and implementation. As the “voice” of Silicon Valley Forum, she leads our marketing efforts and helps plan and implement our social media strategy for our 40+ yearly events and initiatives. She manages our Startupedia initiative, creating content, including interviews with Silicon Valley thought leaders and oversees special projects to engage our global startup community. Amanda played softball for 14 years and was pitcher of the year twice in college, and in her free time you can catch her planning her next adventure to a national park!

Our Silicon Valley Team

Our Global Ambassadors are leaders of change and help grow and support our international work around the world

Mariana Stegagnini

Ambassador, Argentina

Rafael Odreman

Ambassador, Mexico

Bengt Eliasson

Ambassador, Sweden

Gökçen Şahin

Ambassador, Turkey

Shubham Singla

Ambassador, India

Natalia Olson Urtecho

Ambassador, Portugal & Spain

Ramesh Kumar Nanjundaiya

Global Ambassador, India

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