Code of Conduct
Your participation and registration for attendance at any Silicon Valley Forum (SVF) program or event indicates your agreement to abide by this Code of Conduct policy and its terms.
Diversity and Inclusion Values Statement
Silicon Valley Forum abides by this Diversity and Inclusion Values Statement and we collectively acknowledge the responsibility to live these values. Silicon Valley Forum strives to make the technology and startup ecosystem as dynamic as the world it occupies through a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
At Silicon Valley Forum, we foster a global community made up of different backgrounds, experiences, identities, and perspectives. We work hard to ensure equitable opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, disability status, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, or political views. We leverage the unique backgrounds of our community members to transform the narrative of diversity within the global startup and technology ecosystem. We are committed to working towards the goal of ensuring the Silicon Valley Forum community is not just a reflection of the world as it is today, but of the world we want to see for future generations to come.
Conduct and Dismissal
Silicon Valley Forum is a global community of learners, builders, and dreamers. We strive to ensure that individuals attending and participating in our programs and events- which includes in person and online, have a positive and inclusive experience. Attendees, instructors, mentors, speakers, staff, and volunteers (“Participants”) are essential in helping create a safe, respectful, and welcoming experience for all. 
All Participants of any Silicon Valley Forum programs or events are required to agree with the following code of conduct. 
Participants will:
  • Treat all other Participants with dignity and respect;
  • Uphold our Diversity and Inclusion values statement;
  • Speak up if anything occurs in at any program or event that conflicts with this Code of Conduct by communicating with an SVF staff member, or emailing your concerns to
Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: 
  • Any form of discrimination, harassment including (but not limited to) verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs;
  • Demonstrating aggression, violence, intimidation or threats toward other Participants;
  • Unwanted sexual attention, stalking, unwelcome photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact;
  • Exhibiting disruptive or disrespectful behavior.
Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior must immediately comply. Furthermore, Participants who exhibit unacceptable behavior may be expelled without a refund and prohibited from attending future SVF programs and events. 
If you are being harassed or feel unsafe, please contact a member of the SVF staff immediately. For in-person programs and events, SVF staff can be identified by their badges. SVF staff can assist participants by contacting venue security or local law enforcement, if necessary. For on-line events, please email us at, or direct message a staff member in the dedicated chat box. It is important that anyone attending our programs and events feel safe.
We value our community.
Equal Opportunity
Silicon Valley Forum is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on sex, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, medical condition, genetic information, political affiliation, military or veteran status, age, or other categories protected by laws of the state of California.
This Code of Conduct may be revised at any time by Silicon Valley Forum.