Connected Enterprise: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet

On June 21st, 2017, we co-presented “The Future of the Connected Enterprise” together with the SAP Startup Focus team. With over 100 attendees filling the seats at SAP’s beautiful campus in Palo Alto, our first-ever mini conference featured in-depth discussions on connectivity in enterprise software.

Kicking off with a keynote from Mojio CTO Narayan Sainaney, “Connected Enterprise” sought to explore one question: what will the world be like when data and insights are treated as currency and the predicted 50 billion connected devices are powering the world?

Here’s what we learned:

Connected cars: while there’s still friendly dissent on when autonomous vehicles will be in every garage (enthusiastic entrepreneurs say 5-10 years; the cautiously practical predict something closer to 50), the panelists agree that two-thirds of vehicles rolling off the production line will be connected in one way or another by 2022.
Panelists: Timo Stelzer, SAP; Sathis Gajaraju, Sensify; Steven Messino, MuvMe, Quin Garcia, Autotech Ventures; moderated by Manju Bansal, SAP Startup Focus

Connected government: San Francisco CTO Jay Nath sat down with SAP Startup Focus’s Mark Noronha to discuss bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to government policy, making a policy- and paperwork-heavy system more streamlined and collaborative. IoT and enterprise software can be deployed to improve both usability and accessibility—everything from foster care paperwork to city bus schedules can benefit modern connected systems.
Chat guests: Jay Nath, CTO of San Francisco; interviewed by Mark Noronha, SAP Startup Focus

Connected supply chain: as we learned at our blockchain conference in April, consumer demand for both connectivity and transparency on the market is on the rise (even when that information might be a little uncomfortable to learn). Supply chain scalability will rely on two things: simplicity and flexibility: easy to integrate, and quick to absorb new changes in the market.
Panelists: Debbra Rogers, Paradata; Brendon Dever, HeadsUp, Steve Wang, Alien Technology, Erin Sawyer, WrightSpeed; moderated by Jason Wolf, SAP

We were also proud to welcome six amazing up-and-coming IoT/Enterprise startups to the stage for a short pitch competition, featuring Mr. Noronha, Debbra Rogers of Paradata, and Nitin Chopa of Shasta Ventures as judges. Foghorn was voted Most Transformative, and Otosense won Most Innovative.

Special thanks to our audience, all speakers and judges, the startup entrepreneurs, and our partners and conference co-hosts SAP and SAP Startup Focus for a great event!

Learn more: view our Facebook album here, and follow the Twitter conversation from the day with #SVFConnect.

Author: Micaela Youmans
Head of Ops. and Communication

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