Cyberport Hong Kong – Silicon Valley Exploration Trip 2017

Having worked with Invest Hong Kong earlier this year, we were very excited to be working with another startup-focused organization from Hong Kong, Cyberport. Cyberport is an innovative digital community with over 900 digital tech companies and is managed by a company that is owned by the Hong Kong government.

Cyberport was organizing a trip to Silicon Valley for a few selected startup companies. While they were planning on organizing part of their trip with internal resources, they were also looking for a local partner in Silicon Valley who could help in organizing a couple if startup sessions that were beyond their own network, and so they chose to partner with Silicon Valley Forum.

At Silicon Valley Forum we looked at the participating companies background to understand which companies and people that would be the most relevant for the startup founders to meet with in order to help them in their entrepreneurial journey and equip with some key insights. For the one-day Silicon Valley Startup Immersion Program that we organized for Cyberport HK included visits to the startup accelerators All Turtles, The Refiners, Alchemist as well as meeting with a Venture Capitalist from Maveron.


Immersion Program – October 5th, 2017

All Turtles – Troy Malone, VP Studio Production

The Refiners – Carlos Diaz, Co-Founder & General Partner

Lunch at Eatsa – Automated fast casual restaurant with no human interaction

Alchemist – Danielle A’gostaro, Managing Partner and COO

Maveron – Anarghya Vardhana, Partner


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