Digital Transformation Program with AmCham Guatemala

From July 16th to July 18th, Silicon Valley Forum partnered with AmCham Guatemala accompanied by AmCham Chile for a 3-day immersion program in Silicon Valley. The purpose of the delegation’s immersive trip was to visit some of the largest and most innovative companies in the Valley to learn from executives and business leaders about Disruptive Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Big Data. We had a great opportunity to put together a customized Digital Transformation Immersion Program, with visits to tech giants like Google, Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Uber, Box and more. See the itinerary more in details below.


Program Details

Day 1 – Monday, July 16th, 2018

Google – Creating an Environment that Fosters Innovation

Ximena Sanchez, Territory Manager of Google Cloud LATAM, provided an overview of how Google fosters the culture of innovation, both internally and externally within the company. The talk also highlighted the importance of a user-centered approach to the business. “Innovation can’t be ordained. However, you can create an environment where it will evolve organically.”

Cisco – How Today’s Business Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game

Joel Barbier, Cisco’s managing director of economic practice, provided insights from the Digital Vortex research, and how companies can implement the Digital Business Agility model based on three pillars: Hyperawareness – a company’s ability to detect and monitor changes in its environment, Informed Decision-Making – a company’s ability to make the best decision in a given situation, and Fast Execution – a company’s ability to carry out its plans quickly and effectively.

Poshmark – The Digital Transformation of E-commerce

Poshmark CEO Alain Revah shared takeaways from his professional experience and talked about the challenges of Social Digital Transformation in the Retail Space.


Day 2 – Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Amazon Web Services – Amazon’s Culture of Innovation – Enabling Everyone to Innovate

AWAS Head of global business development Roger Murff unveiled Amazon’s Culture of Innovation with practical examples. He explained, for instance, that at Amazon, innovation is to “start with the customer and work backward”.

Quid – Human Intelligence Powered by Machine Learning

Conner Elliot of Quid’s enterprise development department explained how Quid’s research tool could help a business succeed: “It analyzes written content at scale unlocking insights from around the world in an extremely fast and unbiased way.

Uber – Building the future of transportation and mobility as a service

The delegation discussed the future of transportation and Uber’s partnerships to improve mobility as a service with Jump Bikes’ acquirement and the launch of Uber Rent with Getaround.


Day 3 – Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Big Data workshop + Stanford University walking tour – Speaker: Stanford professor and UC Berkeley researcher, Gauthier Vasseur.

Gauthier Vasseur taught our participants how to master Big Data and lead the digital revolution: “No matter how big and dominant you are. It’s not forever. To succeed, you have to have the ability to innovate, change.” (…) “We need data to empower ourselves from inside to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

Box – The Future of Work and Digital Transformation

Mark Schooley, Box’s IT Operations Director, gave an overview of the importance and challenges of Digital Transformation, and the Sales Engineering Senior Director shared how Box delivers a unified content experience to its customers. “There is a big difference between sharing and collaborating. And we believe collaboration has a greater value”, he said.

DocuSign – The Acceleration Model for Digital Transformation

Kevin Zhu, Docusign’s lead product manager, talked about digital transaction management: the way business gets done effectively in the digital world!

500 Startups – The Acceleration Model for Digital Transformation

500 Startups’ Kelley Kirk dove into the startup world with our immersion program participants and shared industry sectors they are mostly interested on investing right now: Blockchain, Fintech, Digital Health, and Beauty retail.



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