e-Estonia and the Digital Society

Estonia is the first country to offer e-residency. Digital identity is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to run their business and life in the most convenient way—and in current terms, that means one thing: online. You will be able to securely sign documents, launch and manage companies, do online banking, encrypt files, etc, without the hassle of travel or passports.

And as one of Europe’s most tech-smart, digitally advanced countries, Estonia already has the e-services a company needs to expand—or even begin building from the ground up.

Silicon Valley Forum together with Enterprise Estonia, Blackbox and Silicon Vikings got the opportunity to put together an educational evening about the virtual residency platform and why it’s revolutionary. We celebrated the inauguration of Steve Jurvetson and Tim Draper as the first Americans to hold an e-residency in Estonia, which was presented by the Prime Minister of Estonia Mr. Taavi Rõivas.


5:30pm – Registration and Networking

6:00pm – Welcome Address by the Prime Minister of Estonia, Mr. Taavi Rõivas

6:15pm – Panel Discussion: Virtual Residency and e-Estonia!

  • Mr. Taavi Rõivas, Prime Minister of Estonia
  • Taavi Kotka, Estonian Government CIO, chief architect of e-residency platform
  • Siim Sikkut, ICT Policy Adviser to the PM of Estonia
  • Tim Draper, Founder at Draper Associates/DFJ/Draper University
  • Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director at DFJ
  • Moderator: Cyrus Farivar, Senior Business Editor, Ars Technica

7:00pm – Break

7:30pm – Pitch Session with seven Estonian Tech Companies. Pitch Session Panelists:

  • Fadi Bishara, Founder and CEO, Blackbox
  • Steve Goldberg, Partner, Venrock
  • Marlon C. Nichols, Director & Kauffman Fellow, Intel Capital
  • Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures
  • Moderator: Adiba Barney, CEO, Silicon Valley Forum

8:30pm – More Networking

9:00pm – Event Conclusion


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