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An insiders look at Silicon Valley – prepare for the future with customized programs to drive innovation within your organization.

Our Approach


Meet with industry-leading companies to develop an understanding of how a culture of innovation is nurtured from within.


Get familiar with the digital tools needed for businesses to succeed in the information age.


Build key connections within Silicon Valley and develop a game plan for transforming your organization.

Program Highlights

Modular Programs

Silicon Valley Forum’s executive education programs provide the building blocks
for success in the innovation age. Let us customize a program for you.

Industries & Technologies

Financial Services


Food & Agriculture

Digital Transformation

Human Resources



Retail & Ecommerce



Sample Agendas

Day 1: 
Silicon Valley Overview and Building a Culture of Innovation
Silicon Valley 101 – How Companies Innovate
Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship
Innovations in Human Resources
Meet with companies like Google, Facebook, Box and Docusign

Day 2
Developing an Innovation Toolkit
The Use and Misuse of Big Data
Blockchain: Enterprise Applications
Corporate Strategies for Digital Transformation
Meet with companies like AWS, Cisco and Stanford University

Day 3:
Industry-specific Topics
Meet with startups and accelerators in your industry
Meet with industry experts to future-proof your business
Connect with leading companies revolutionizing your industry

Day 1:
Silicon Valley Innovaiton and Corporate Trends
Silicon Valley Trends – How are Companies innovating in 2020?
Agtech overview – Industry Trends
Risk Management
Meet with companies like AWS, Impossible Foods, and Climate Corp.

Day 2:
On-the-ground in Salinas, CA
Overview: The Agtech Ecosystem of Salinas
How governments support growers and technologists
Digital Transformation on the Farm
Meet with companies like Driscoll’s, Taylor Farms, and regional wineries

Day 3: 
Startups and Accelerators in Silicon Valley
Agtech Accelerators: How do they Work?
Venture Capital: Selecting Agtech Winners
Robotics on the Farm
AI Applications for Food

Day 1:
Silicon Valley 101: Introduction to the Ecosystem
Learn how to leverage Social Media for your business
Blockchain Applications in Finance
Risk Management Tools
Meet with companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, CyberCube, and Box

Day 2:
Digital Transformation: How to Develop a Culture of Innovation
Keeping Culture Alive
Utilizing Customer-centric Tools for Financial Services
Meet w/ companies like AWS, PayPal, Salesforce, and Docusign

Day 3:
Big Data: Innovations and Applications
A look behind the Venture Capital scene

Meet w/ companies like Google, Quid, inDinero, and Andreessen Horowitz

Virtual Executive Programs

Our world is changing, but progress doesn’t have to stop.
Engage with the people, ideas, and companies of Silicon Valley from your home or office.

Sample Virtual Programming

Module 1

Module 1

Leadership & Communication -Leading in uncertain times

Module 2

Module 2

Leveraging Technology -Collaborative tools for optimizing work flow

Module 3

Module 3

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 -Overview of economic considerations on your business

Module 4

Module 4

Corporate & Crisis Communication -Overview of principles for crisis

Module 5

Module 5

Corporate Innovation: Creating new opportunities from challenges

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