The Future is Calling – and it’s smart!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Smartphones have become more and more popular – since the early 2000’s – and so have concepts like smart cities and smart mobility. Coincidence?  I think not – smartphones are changing how we travel in cities, conduct business, consume products, and live.  You can order almost anything from your smartphone and have it delivered anywhere at any time, connect and schedule multiple modes of transportation worldwide, and track the whole thing every step of the way.  Instacart, Uber, and Doordash are my best friends!  You know Doordash delivers wine, right?!!

The communication and transactions are instantaneous. The capabilities and possibilities seem limitless, and it is only getting more advanced.  Life has never been easier or more convenient – we’ve definitely come a long way from the 1983 Motorola DynaTAC 800x (you probably know it as “Zach Morris Phone”).  We cannot seem to function without smartphones these days – I know I can’t.  If I lost my phone today, I would have to get in the fetal position and wait for assistance from a passerby.

Just when you think we couldn’t rely on our smartphones any further, companies are now foreseeing an even smarter future and releasing products ahead of our time — take the newly released Tesla Model 3 for example.  Not only does it have self-driving capabilities – we will save that for another day – but this keyless vehicle connects directly to your smartphone.  Model 3 owners can unlock and start their cars simply by having their smartphones with them. It even detects when you have walked away with your phone, and will shut off and lock automatically.  If your mind is not yet blown, you can even navigate the car to pick you up across the parking lot from your phone.  This is more than smart – its genius!

We are a society on the go – soon everything worldwide will be a finger poke away. Smart city developers are working vigorously to create an even smarter, more convenient lifestyle for citizens.  As of today, I can be in multiple places at the same time.  With products like the Ring and GE smart appliances – I can monitor and ask the UPS driver to move my packages three feet to the left, control my stove from the bleachers across town, and start my dryer all at the same time.  Now if my phone could fold laundry and move the load over from the washing machine, I could be the super mom I have always wanted to be.  These smart products and conveniences only scratch the surface of what we can expect tomorrow.

We are diving head first into a smarter more convenient world and our smartphone is the life source! With smart city initiatives, our phones will be the host for the interface of smart city apps, transportation, company services, and connectivity. Here at Silicon Valley Forum, we are huge supporters of smart city initiatives.  Our Cities of Tomorrow, immersion program on June 25th-27th, will take a look into the future of smart city initiatives around mobility, sustainability, IoT and security.  Join us to see how Silicon Valley companies are preparing for a smarter tomorrow!

Thanks for tuning in — Happy Friday!

Cheers 🍷,
Erin Ferguson
Marketing and Special Projects Manager

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