Assisting governments in promoting the unique advantages of their region in Silicon Valley, and guidance on building local tech ecosystems.

Connecting the World to Silicon Valley

Through public events and closed session roundtable discussions,
we will help you identify partners and promote the benefits of your region.

You are missing the right connections to Silicon Valley investors and/or industry experts; you need to know more about how business is done in Silicon Valley, as well as the culture that prevails here.

You are interested in educating your startups and helping them build and
opportunities, commercialization, or simply learning about best practices in Silicon Valley.

Understanding Tech Ecosystems

Developing strategies to accelerate the growth of your local tech ecosystem

Ecosystem Development Workshops

Are you interested in provding the building blocks for a tech ecosystem to flourish in your city or region? What does it take to create the appropriate environment?

Workshop sessions include:

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    Denyse Cardozo

    Executive Director