Japan – Immersion Program & Pitch Night Winter 2017

Last week, Silicon Valley Forum partnered with NEDO Japan (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) on another successful Immersion Program and sold-out Pitch Night, featuring seven early-stage Japanese startups visiting Silicon Valley. This third edition of the program was focused on bringing new and early ideas and innovation to business.

The entrepreneurs got the opportunity to hear success stories from some of Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies and investors: Slack, Salesforce, Indie Bio, Microsoft Ventures, and more.

In between company visits, the delegation members drew inspiration from each talk and presentation to improve on their startup ideas and pitches. One entire day was spent with pitch coach Nathan Gold to refine each pitch deck, and to meet with eight investors and executives to receive one-on-one mentoring. The program concluded with our most well-attended Japanese Pitch Night so far, with over 200 people attending. As always, we want to thank everyone who has been involved in the program and pitch night!

Program of the week

Immersion Program – February 13th

  • Slack – How Slack Scaled the Fastest-Growing Business App Ever
  • Salesforce – How to Build a Successful Sales Team
  • Indie Bio – Turning Scientist into Entrepreneurs
  • Eleven Two Capital – How to Raise Capital in Silicon Valley

Immersion Program – February 14th 

  • Johnson & Johnson – How J&J works with Early Stage Companies
  • PARC – How to Commercialize Early Stage Technology
  • Microsoft Ventures – How Startups Can Best Partner with Large Corporations

Pitch Training and Business Match Making Session – February 15th 

Pitch training with Nathan Gold hosted by Pillsbury Law, Palo Alto.
Business matchmaking session hosted by Pillsbury Law, Palo Alto with mentors:

  • Albert B. Chu, UC Berkeley SkyDeck
  • Soum Chatterjee, SAP Labs
  • William Croisettier, Naspers Ventures
  • Miika Mantyvaara, The Vault
  • Michael Torosian, Partner, Pillsbury Law
  • Hatim Chraibi, SPIRE Bioventures
  • Alex D. Foster, Stack Health
  • Don Ochoa, Autotech Ventures
  • Joseph Wei, Lab360 Hardware Incubator


Pitch Night – February 16th 

5:30pm – Registration

6:00pm – NEDO and Silicon Valley Forum opening remarks by

  • Denyse Cardozo, Executive Director Silicon Valley Forum
  • Shinnosuke Kameyama, Chief Representative, NEDO Silicon Valley Office
  • Shouji Kukita, Director General, NEDO

6:15pm – Panel discussion: From the Campus to Market: Universities are the Ideal Startup Platform. Panelists includes:

  • Henri Deshays, VP Strategic Initiatives, StartX
  • Angelo del Priore, Partner, HP Tech Ventures
  • Ann Rosenberg, VP and Head of Global, SAP University Alliances
  • Caroline Winnett, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Skydeck
  • Chris Yeh, Partner, Wasabi Ventures

7:00pm – Seven Early-Stage Japanese Startups Pitching

  1. iAnalyze – A software tool that enables the analysis & interpretation of large amounts of DNA array data.
  2. InnovaStella – Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) a technology that is expected to boost recording density of HDDs.
  3. LC Optels – Produces a lens for eyeglasses that can be expanded into a large size of 5 cm in diameter.
  4. Setsuro Tech – Successfully produced genome-edited mice with a genome editing method based on electroporation.
  5. ILM Systems – An advanced technology that will shorten product development cycles of industrial systems.
  6. Smartlure – An IoT devices for fishers
  7. Think Lands – Develops painless micro-needles for Diabetics

8:00pm – Food, drinks and Networking


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