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Meet the Dream Team: Drew Clark

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Friday Forum series, “Meet The Dream Team”, continues!  Meet Drew Clark, Production Manager at Silicon Valley Forum.  In his role, he spearheads our partner programs and larger conferences, ensuring every detail is covered. As in most teams, everyones differences and unique skills are the secret sauce to success.  Despite the daily grind and continuous moving parts for our small team – I had the chance to catch up with Drew to learn more about what makes him tick.  Keep reading to get to know him better!

Question: What is your favorite or most inspiring quote?

Answer: I have three…

“Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes” – Oscar Wilde

“There is nothing in the world so easy to explain as failure – it is, after all, what everybody does all the time.” ― Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

“My presence is a present.” – Kanye West


Question: What is something you have to deal with in your position, that you want to fix/help with or make a personal impression on?

Answer:  As the production manager, I have to manage the logistical nuts and bolts of Silicon Valley Forum’s events from design to execution. Coming from an arts background, I aim to elevate the design of our events in order create an environment conducive to the forging of authentic, organic connections.


Question:  What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

Answer:  I have over a decade worth of experience in event management & scenic design as well as hefty background of project management experience as a creative in both the private and public sectors. Graduated from McGill University with a master’s degree in the arts.


Question:  What is your personal super power, strength, & weakness?


  •  Title/Super Power:          Production Manager
  • Strength:                          Like Samson, my strength is in my hair.
  • Weakness:                      Champagne


Question:  What do you like most about working at SVF?

Answer:  The team, obviously. 🙂


Question:  Can you tell me about your background and where you are from originally?

Answer:  I grew up a poor kid in New York that hated the snow and dreamt of one day living in California. At the age of 8, I received a gift of a season passes to the MET and it changed my life. After seeing my first opera (La Traviatta), I decided that I wanted to work in design and focused completely on my goals. Attending college first in Upstate New York and then in Montreal, Quebec, I eventually grew weary of the cold and took the plunge … after my graduate program I sold everything I owned and moved to California.  Never regretted it.


Question:  What are the values that drive you in life and at work?

Answer:  Ambition tempered by empathy. Be calm, like the eye of the storm, especially when everyone else is losing their minds.


Question:  What are your top 3 favorite Podcasts, Books and/or TV shows?


  • Podcast:                   The Adam Carolla Show
  • Books:                      South of the Border, West of the Sun – by Haruki Murakami
  • TV Shows:                Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver


Question:  What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

Answer:  Drinking / Dancing / Debauchery.  Also … gardening. 👨‍🌾 🌺


Question:  What about our personality adds to the team dynamic?

Answer:  I am very chill.


“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” – Mary Poppins.  Whenever I hear this lyric, I think of Drew. His flair for design, out of the box thinking, and passion for events is evident in his enthusiastic execution of our large conferences and Visionary Awards, as well as our many, and varied other programs.  He is also known to have a twirl in his step, and gold in his heart (as well as ALL OVER his working space! Don’t mess with his gold pen!) – Denyse Cardozo, CEO of Silicon Valley Forum

Thanks for tuning in – Happy Friday!

Erin Ferguson
Marketing and Special Projects Manager

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Erin FergusonMeet the Dream Team: Drew Clark

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