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Meet the Dream Team: Krystina Cortez

on August 29, 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019

Meet Krystina Cortez, Operations & Events Manager – the glue that keeps our “Dream Team” thriving together.  As our team “Mom”, Krystina not only manages the office logistics and is the CEO’s right-hand woman, she keeps us all in line, organized, and smiling daily.  Every birthday is celebrated, personalized, and special because of Krystina.  We frequently will come into the office with surprise gifts on our desks and you can always count on a warm greeting and goodbye.  This small, yet fierce woman is what every team needs to keep morale alive – and finances in check.  As part of our “Meet the Dream Team” blog series, we’re excited to learn and share a little more about Krystina:

Question:  What is your favorite or most inspiring quote?

Answer: “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem”- David Carradine


Question:  What is something you have to deal with in your position, that you want to fix, help with, or make a personal impression on?

Answer:  I try to keep the engines running and everyone happy.  I think a positive work environment keeps the motivation alive.  Since we are a non-profit, I really try to keep a close eye on the budget and make sure we all stay on track financially for our programs.  Details matter to me.  I love when our best foot is forward and adding those personalized touches are my specialty!


Question:  What is it that you do you do here? 😊

Answer:  Office Manager, accounts payable, accounts receivable, Executive assistant to the CEO, Co-producer of the Women in Tech Festival, and program detailing.  I make sure we have everything we need in the office and are organized.  I have also been known as the office IT Manager from time to time.


Question:  What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

Answer:  In the past, I have been Director of Operations as well as owning several businesses.  I did Contingent Workforce Management at eBay, NetApp, and Google for many years as well.  I am also a licensed cosmetologist.


Question:  What is your personal super power, strength, & weakness?

Super Power: Operations
Strength: Celebrating Everything
Weakness: Amazon Prime & Driving in San Francisco


Question:  What do you like about working at SVF?

Answer:  I get to work with an incredible team.  We are tight family that can have fun yet get things done.  Our office is full of laughter, support, snacks, and rotating music stations to accommodate everyone’s personal taste – my idea. 😉


Question:  Can you tell me about your background and where you are from originally?

Answer:  I was born and raised in San Jose and am the youngest of 7 in my familyI’m also a newlywed! My husband and I have known each other since we were in 3rd grade, and in fact, he was my very first boyfriend (a long one-week relationship in 7th grade 😂).  Fifteen years after high school, we reconnected, and the rest is sweet, sweet history. 🥰


Question:  What are the values that drive you in life and at work?

Answer:  Loyalty, commitment, integrity, kindness, and positivity.


Question:  Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books and/or TV shows?

Answer:  My favorite TV shows at the moment are:

-Real House Wives of Beverley Hills (Ya – I’ll admit it)
-The Sinner


Question:  What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

Answer:  Hanging out with my newlywed hubs and our fur kids – Piper and Dusty!  I also love traveling, exploring new and amazing restaurants, girl’s trips, and champagne.  You know – the good stuff in life.


Question:   What about our personality adds to the team dynamic?

Answer:  I’m always the one complaining about the heat in the office. 🥵  I will be the one to speak up when there is something that needs to be said.  I am the organizer of the fun and leader of assigning office nicknames – they seem to catch on pretty quickly.


“Though her chief ambition is to one day rule the canine world – at Silicon Valley Forum Krystina settles in quite nicely to running the day to day operations of our very busy organization. She is also the ultimate ‘wing woman’, – the air-traffic controller I didn’t think I needed. I have a compelling urge to one day serenade her with “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” but she already knows how *good* my voice is, so I will spare her this one thing. Our company fashionista fiercely protects my time and prioritizes my commitments, so I am not overwhelmed. Krystina also guards our budget with the same ferocity that she guards my calendar – and her sweet little dog, Piper (who is, of course the higher priority!) The team is delighted that Krystina will now be leading all of our smaller evening programs, while continuing to co-produce our annual Women in Tech Festival. She is a rising star whose shine will only get brighter!”

– Denyse Cardozo, CEO of Silicon Valley Forum


Cheers 🍷,
Erin Ferguson
Marketing & Special Projects Manager

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