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Meet the Dream Team: Patrick Froehlich

on September 26, 2019

“Meet the Dream Team” continues!  Meet our International Programs Manager, Patrick Froehlich – the German Diplomat with a sense of humor (which he says is a rarity).  With his deadpan delivery on point and his ability to make connections – in addition to being multilingual – Patrick adds a lot of value (and laughs) to our team.  We definitely enjoy his even-keeled mood, and his daily greeting of “What the hell is going on?” – of course with a smile.  It is always nice to get to know a little more about your coworkers and we are excited to share our interview with Patrick.


Question:  What is your favorite or most inspiring quote?

Answer:  “The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism”, Brian May


Question:  What is something you have to deal with in your position, that you want to fix or help with or make a personal impression on?

Answer:  I like bringing things that I have learned in previous jobs to a new one. One area that I really am passionate about is outlining each person’s roles and responsibilities within a project, as well as making sure that processes are in place in order to scale an organization.


Question:  What is it that you do you do here? 😊

 Answer:  I create the content for our international programs. Which means that I define the topics that our programs will focus on, organize agendas and content, and reach out to potential speakers who can talk about these topics.  Making connections and building relationships are a large part of my day to day.


Question:  What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

Answer:  I’ve always worked in an international environment. As a diplomat, one of my tasks was to prepare Government delegation visits, and as a former product manager, I worked on some very technical projects. So, I understand both the private and public aspects of what makes a program valuable.

Question:  What is your personal super power, strength, & weakness?

Title/Super Power:      Manager, International Programs
Strengths:                    Playing three chords on my guitar
Weaknesses:               Playing three chords on my guitar


Question:  What do you like about working at SVF?


Answer:  Clearly the team: we all come here with a passion for building something that is meaningful to people from around the world. We all want to make sure that those who leverage our services go home feeling as though they have learnt something – something that they can implement, and make their region a better place.


Question:  Can you tell me about your background and where you are from originally?

Answer:  I grew up around the world, which not only helped with acquiring new language skills, but to also be able to see and live in so many different cultures. I consider myself citizen of this world, rather than of one nation. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have worked in both the public and private sectors; two very different domains that could learn from each other.


Question:  What are the values that drive you in life and at work?

Answer:  In life, it’s mostly making sure that my son grows up to be a human being who respects people, no matter who they are or where they come from.  At work, my guiding light is to fulfill the mission of this organization in a collaborative and fun way.


Question:  Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books and/or TV shows?

Answer:  I don’t read books.  I’m a big fan of Seinfeld! I also enjoy listening to or watching BBC News and all sorts of documentaries.


Question:  What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

Answer:  Going on road trips with my son. I also enjoy hiking and music.


Question:   What about our personality adds to the team dynamic?

Answer:  I would say that I am the one who likes to keep things simple, but yet effective. I also like to spend some time talking to my colleagues and getting to know them well – there’s a lot we can learn from each other.


Patrick has an incredible knack for thinking outside the box, and embraces a creative and innovative approach to building programs for both our local and international community. He has had an impressive career as a diplomat, and was stationed in three different countries -Romania, Morocco, and the US. I would be remiss to not mention that fact that he is a polyglot (I really wanted to use that word in a sentence), and is fluent in five languages. All of these, including his natural curiosity of the world, makes him the ideal person to manage our international programs, and help Silicon Valley Forum continue to build and sustain strong partnerships across the globe.

 His talent for relationship building and communicating with our global community may be surpassed by his talent for both writing and recording music – something he is very passionate about (Side note: We have challenged Patrick to a karaoke battle on several occasions; will give final update when he joins me on the stage for our rendition of “Old Town Road”)

 Cheers to Patrick! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere 🍻”
– Denyse Cardozo, CEO of Silicon Valley Forum


Cheers 🍷,
Erin Ferguson
Marketing & Special Projects Manager

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