Meet the Visionaries: Linda Rottenberg – The Voyager

This month, we’ll be posting a blog about each of our amazing Visionary Awards honorees. Get tickets and join us at the main event on June 8th!   

Name: Linda Rottenberg

How she’ll change your life: Endeavor’s efforts to cull entrepreneurs from so-called “unlikely” areas of the world is ushering in a brand-new era of economic freedom for thousands of entrepreneurs.

Claim to fame: CEO and Founder of Endeavor; author of best-seller “Crazy is a Compliment”; named one of “America’s Best Leaders” by U.S. News, TIME’s 100 Innovators for the 21st Century…and that’s just a few!

In her own words: “The biggest barriers to success are not structural or cultural—they are mental and emotional.”

Lately: Bringing Endeavor’s message to as many people as possible! Endeavor is a global nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurs via mentorship, investing, advice, and more—a 20-year success story with thousands of new jobs and new business leaders from emerging markets worldwide.

About: Crazy is a compliment. Just ask Linda Rottenberg—she literally wrote the book on it. But what got her called la chica loca twenty years ago is part of an entrepreneurial revolution she helped create—the idea that anyone, anywhere, contains within themselves the spark of revolution. And while it’s easy enough to say that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Rottenberg’s work at Endeavor goes a step further, bridging the (often sizable) gap between idea and actualization. Her work connects high-impact entrepreneurs with the investors and mentors who can make their dream into reality.

Her vision centers on the life-changing power of entrepreneurship, and what it means for anyone with a dream and a drive: economic freedom, independence, and a better world for everyone, one acre or line of code at a time. (In some cases, it means literally adding the word into the vocabulary—the Sao Paolo Endeavor team learned from a Portuguese dictionary publisher that, thanks in part to their local efforts, the word empreendedorismo was to be added to the next edition!) Becoming a successful entrepreneur means becoming the best version of yourself: excited by challenges, familiar with chaos, challenging yourself over and over again.

Diversity has becoming a keystone term in Silicon Valley over the last few years—research shows that diverse teams are unmatched in terms of innovation; essentially, we work best as employees and humans both when we’re open to learning from each other. Linda Rottenberg could have told you that twenty years ago.

We’re delighted to honor Linda Rottenberg with a Visionary Award because of her tireless commitment to the life-changing power of entrepreneurship. She’s the living proof that great entrepreneurs with big ideas exist all around the world—and a better future depends on building a runway to success that’s wide enough for everyone.

Linda Rottenberg will appear live on stage at the 2017 Visionary Awards on June 8th. For tickets and more information, please visit the event page.


Author: Micaela Youmans
Head of Ops. and Communication
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