Meet the Visionaries: Neri Oxman – The Architect

This month, we’ll be posting a blog about each of our amazing Visionary Awards honorees. Get tickets and join us at the main event on June 8th!   

Name: Neri Oxman

How she’ll change your life: Paving the way for a beautiful 3D printed future filled with biomimicry

Claim to fame: Out-of-this-world art installations; 3D-printed a set of masks for Björk, worn in the world’s first 360° VR performance

In her own words: “What guides me is the joy of living, the joy of creating. I know how to celebrate victory and success, but also how to take a risk and fail gloriously.”

Lately: Architect, Designer, Inventor and Associate Professor based at the MIT Media Lab

About: In “The Martian Chronicles,” Ray Bradbury wrote “Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle.” Artists and architects have spent centuries attempted to recreate nature in the objects—wood and stone and metal approximations of naturally-occurring processes, snapshots of a cycle frozen in time. For Neri Oxman, it’s all in a day’s work.

Nothing says “visionary” quite like pioneering your own field of study—something Ms. Oxman has accomplished with her work in Material Ecology, a nature-focused design concept that views process and materials as interconnected dimensions, instead of singular parts. Her work is influenced by the natural world—trees, insects, the sea—homing in on the elusive intersection between science and art. Rather than imposing forms on nature, the forms are drawn from it—the interpretation of a miracle. The life-changing potential of her work with 3D printing and building is only just beginning.

We’re delighted to honor Neri Oxman with a Visionary Award because she represents the future. In a world where connectedness and creativity are increasingly being recognized as keystones of culture, her work represents a holistic, ecologically-sound approach to building and design, with an eye on using technology and 3D-printing techniques to change the world for the better.

Neri Oxman will appear live on stage at the 2017 Visionary Awards on June 8th. For tickets and more information, please visit the event page.


Author: Micaela Youmans
Head of Ops. and Communication

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