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Networking is the worst. Or is it?

on April 5, 2019

Friday, April 5, 2019

Have you ever walked into a networking event and immediately planned three different escape routes? Let’s be honest, networking is the worst–whether you’re dealing with the dread of starting a conversation with a complete stranger, or clawing your way to freedom from someone talking your ear off.  More often than not, the bartender ends up being your most engaging conversation and probably most memorable.

Due to limited time at networking events, valuable conversations are usually the goal. In this day and age, networking does not have feel like you signed up for a 3-hour root canal. That’s why we’ve partnered with Brella for the Women in Tech Festival – think LinkedIn meets Tinder meets Open Table. Brella’s fully customizable networking app takes the awkwardness out of networking by allowing users to search, match, and meet like-minded event attendees. Now your time can be filled with conversations that are mutually beneficial, and you can keep the escape plans to a minimum.

If the goal at a networking event is to have many beneficial conversations in a short amount of time, then Brella is definitely the way organize that.  Also, remember that networking is about building real relationships.  A wise man/woman (no gender discrimination here) once told me that a product or service sells itself on a website, but you are what will be remembered.  People like to relate to others.  It’s comfortable and enables trust.  Be memorable and find common ground.  It is a small world after all, according to Disney.

We are thrilled that Brella is the chosen networking platform (sponsored by Northeastern University) for the 2019 Women in Tech Festival.  We hope to see you all there, networking stress free!

Thanks for tuning in – Happy Friday!


Erin Ferguson
Marketing & Special Projects Manager

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Micaela YoumansNetworking is the worst. Or is it?

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