One-on-One Networking for Mentoring, Advising, Investing, Hiring – you name it!

Around this time of the year, we’re always slightly more excited than usual—it’s Women’s History Month, which means we’re THISCLOSE to our annual Women in Tech Festival! Woop Woop!

The conversation around diversity and inclusion can be a turbulent one, but we believe that we’re living in a time of change, and that a paradigm shift is already in process. We’re already seeing more women in STEM and leadership roles—getting funded, getting promoted, and getting their time to shine. Talented women are moving forward—and moving UP!

With the Women in Tech Festival as a catalyst, we’re excited to do our part in making change happen—and making it happen faster—by creating a supportive and positive environment.

Since the very first Festival four years ago, we’ve been celebrating women in tech, STEM, and business careers who work to inspire, engage and empower other women. We’re planning two days’ worth of inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, power talks, demo hall, networking, workshops, and more aimed at helping women thrive.

A lot of fun things happening, but an important and popular element of the festival is the one-on-one networking through, powered by our sponsor SugarCRM. We want to make sure that the Women in Tech Festival gives you more than your average women-in-tech event.

Connections and network-building are important to every industry and career, which is why we work with to provide you with the best networking experience you can have at the festival.

Before the Festival, all the participants will receive an invitation to sign up for Brella, where you will set your offering and what you’re looking for—mentoring, advising, investing, hiring, or just exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll see a list of participants that match with you in terms of what you’re offering and what you’re looking for—an immediate, relevant, meaningful reason to connect!

You’ll be able to scroll through fellow participants in the app and book meetings with the people you’d like to connect with. A dedicated meeting spot will be assigned to at the networking area inside the demo hall. Take this opportunity to make the most out of the festival! 

Last year’s festival had an incredible 406 meetings booked where around 50% of the festival participants were actively using the networking app. Here’s what a user had to say:

‘I think it is quite convenient. I was skeptical at the beginning because I just didn’t want to deal with learning another app 🙂 I had a demo table I thought people try to reach me that’s why I have signed and ended up using it. I have very positive experience.’ 

For this year, we hope to see even more meetings taking place! JOIN US and network away at the Women in Tech Festival, April 12-13, 2018 at Computer History Museum!



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