The Fintech Revolution: Banking on the Future – Mobile Money One Step Beyond

The Fintech Revolution: Banking on the Future – Mobile Money One Step Beyond

SynopsisAre we one step closer to a wallet-less future? Panel discussion at Silicon Valley Forum’s conference The FinTech Revolution: Banking on the Future on September 24th, 2015. Panelists include:


– Alex Davidov, Core Innovation Capital
– Bill Gajda, Visa
– Derek Webster, CardFlight
– Moderated by: Greg Kidd, Shift Payments


Advances in technology have had a vast impact in the financial markets, with disruption occurring everywhere you look. Alternate financing and innovations in payment systems and financial services are gaining traction and transforming the status quo. Online platforms are decentralizing investments and access to capital. The impact of big data analytics is representing a large disruption in the financial world. Security remains a crucial issue to financial institutions, who are battling increasing threats of cyber assaults. What is financial technology’s likely disruptive impact over the next 5 years?


SVForum’s “The Fintech Revolution: Banking on the Future” conference is for anyone interested in the financial technology industry trends and engaging in meaningful interaction with banking executives, finance professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders ready to disrupt and transform the fintech ecosystem.

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