Aaron Magenheim

About Aaron

Aaron is an entrepreneur working globally across the Agriculture and technology nexis specializing in development and implementation of innovation and growth strategies advising corporates, farmers, governments, NGO’s, startups and investors, through successful AgTech integration and best practices across the supply chain.

Immersed in his family’s agricultural irrigation company in California since childhood, Aaron pioneered one of the first stand-alone AgTechnology integration companies from 2011-2018, Signature AgTech, bringing a variety of solutions to farmers, with unprecedented support.

Following his vision and global economies, in 2014 he founded AgTech Insight as a consulting firm providing strategic implementation services to ensure success in today’s global economy. They also help scaleups grow their businesses leveraging their Certified 2 Grow process and referral network platform. Their team of subject matter experts consists of experienced, top-level agriculture and technology professionals from around the world.

Recently he co-founded Growers Insight, a strategy company focused on helping drive innovation for farmers and food companies. They offer a variety of consulting services including building SOP’s, solution comparisons, a step by step 2-5 year AgTech implementation plan and also provide additional support and training as needed.

Aaron travels often working globally with clients concentrating on the US, Latin America and Asia markets. He works with public and private sector leaders building and implementing innovative growth strategies across the Ag & food supply chain focused on results.

Aaron has been a co-founder of AgTech startups in both hardware and software development with global operation as well as has become a leader in the AgTech movement and speaks to groups around the world.