Adiba Barney

About Adiba

Adiba Barney is a former Silicon Valley CEO. Her two decade long and successful career in the tech and startup industry both in Sweden, where she grew up, and in Silicon Valley, came to an end when she was diagnosed with the deadly and incurable Stage 4, Metastatic Breast Cancer in early 2015. On average she had 2-3 more years to live. She has now lived for 5 years and 8 months since diagnosis.

Adiba has had a life filled with both tough challenges and incredible accomplishments and adventures since the day she was born as a child of war in Beirut, Lebanon. She is launching her book “When Life Hands You Cactuses, Make Margaritas” on her 43rd birthday on October 23. A book that follows her life journey; everything from gaining her female independence from a patriarchal society to her three love stories, heartbreaks, career, 15 year struggle with infertility, three breast cancer diagnosis and much more. Adiba’s book includes her eight ingredient margarita recipe on how to thrive in life while dealing with challenges.

You can click here to buy her book “When Life Hands You Cactuses, Make Margaritas”.