Christine Gemperle

About Christine

Christine Gemperle has been farming almonds since 1998 although she was raised in an almond and poultry farming family in the Central Valley of California. Her educational background is in biology (BA, UC Santa Cruz) and fisheries (MS, Utah State University) with the scientific process and research having been the main attractant. Currently she and her brother, Erich, manage and operate 135 acres with no employees which places them in the unique position of intimately knowing every facet of their operation, from the mundane and laborious to the technologically advanced. Practical knowledge and feasibility combined with scientific advances and discovery are essential to solving problems in agriculture. Every choice made on the farm works towards the goal of developing a sustainable, efficient, and profitable farming operation that is part of the solution to climate change not the cause. Over the years Gemperle Orchards has hosted numerous studies related to almond growing, whether it be deficit irrigation strategies, root stock trials or the benefits of cover crops. Christine serves on the Almond Board of California, additionally participating on the Biomass Task Force and the Nutritional Research Committee. She has been a member of the Blue Diamond Growers Cooperative for almost 25 years where she serves as a grower liaison. Formerly she was a small scale beekeeper and acted as secretary for the Delta Bee Club for 7 years before she came to terms with how ridiculously hard beekeeping is. She has served as a member of the CDFA Ad Hoc Advisory Panel for SWEEP and was just recently appointed as a board member to Project Apis m. Most of all Christine enjoys being active and vocal in the agricultural community especially when it comes to promoting and sharing what she has learned about sustainable agricultural practices.