De’Havia Stewart

About De’Havia

De’Havia Stewart is on a mission to help diversify the face of entrepreneurship, technology, and other professional fields by spreading knowledge in the form of digital content and through motivational speaking.

Former Venture Capital Associate at Cross Culture Ventures, De’Havia Stewart has been able to help with 20+ investments; which majority have been investments into minority-owned startups. From this experience, De’Havia has gained expertise and knowledge of the startup scene and Venture Capital landscape. Currently, De’Havia works as a Strategist at Accenture; where she helps shape the strategic vision of Fortune 500 companies. Given her experience in Venture Capital and Strategy Consulting, De’Havia is capable of providing guidance on raising venture dollars, and developing the short and long term strategy of companies.

De’Havia Stewart is the host of a leading podcast for minority young professionals; which was created to give guidance on different career paths that they could pursue. Also, De’Havia Stewart is an HBCU graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida A&M University.