Kristina Jones

About Kristina

Kristina Jones is an award-winning advertising art director turned tech entrepreneur. When Kristina Jones was looking for the next tech company to build after scaling nationwide, raising $7 Million in funding, and becoming the 14th African American woman to ever raise more than $1 Million for a tech startup, she started with a personal story.

When Kristina was seven, she lost her father to cancer and knew one day she wanted to share her story on how she kept the connection to her dad alive. Throughout the process of writing and editing, “My Forever Guardian” (, she noticed the immense lack of online support for the millions of grieving children here in the US. After connecting with the nation’s best grief counselors and getting feedback from over 500 grieving parents, she quickly got to work building, the first video sharing + tele counseling platform for children’s grief counseling.

Kristina’s work has been featured in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, Vanity Fair, Forbes and more.