Roya Mahboob

Roya Mahboob is a serial entrepreneur, CEO and President of Digital Citizen Fund, Digital Citizen Brew (Coffee& Tea) and EdyEdy. She focused on building #Digital Literacy for women and children in developing countries. And her personal goal for #Digital Literacy is to bridge the gap between education and job markets by offering practical online skills in her new company and platform EdyEdy for women and youth in developing countries. Roya Mahboob is also President and board member of the Digital Citizen Fund, with aims to increase women’s technological literacy and provide employment and educational opportunities for girls and children in developing countries like Afghanistan and sits on the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business of Ashford University, Resolution Project, and the Global Thinkers Forum organization. Read moreRoya Mahboob will be honored with a Silicon Valley Forum Visionary Award on February 6th, 2020. Click here for tickets and more information.