Wanda L. Scott

About Wanda

Wanda L. Scott is a woman you want to hear. She brings deep expertise from her career navigating diverse environments into her speaking and training. Wanda’s experiences give her key insights into unique challenges and informs her passion and ability to empowers all who hear her. She has a proven track record of helping her audiences and clients become more self-aware, build on their strengths and become better communicators and influencers. Throughout Wanda’s career she experienced constant growth, forward movement and change. Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU. Wanda is passionate about speaking at technology conferences on resilience and diversity, expanding on her time in corporate America as a network engineer. She will captivate you with her dynamic and down to earth delivery. Currently Wanda is the Founder and CEO of WE, LLC Consulting Solutions, a woman owned small business that specializes in Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, eLearning development, Coaching, Training and Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging & Culture Facilitation. Areas of interest and expertise include interpersonal communication, ethical & inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity, and relationship building; she is frequently sought after to speaker on these topics. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wandalscott/