Panama Trade Mission to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Forum got the pleasure to work with Panamcham to put together a program for a delegation of 50 people from Panama. The program took place within the heart of the Silicon Valley ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship from San Francisco to San Jose. The delegation was taken on an exciting, inspiring, and educating journey meeting with and visiting world-renowned Silicon Valley corporations, VCs, startups, and accelerators.

The visits to your headquarters and your presentations were extremely interesting and informative for our delegation, composed of top business and government leaders, anxious to learn about recent developments in technology and innovation applicable to their respective areas.“ – C.E. Maurice Belanger, Panamcham.


Day 1

  • Litler Law Firm, Silicon Valley Tech and Digital Media – Workshop on the Digital Revolution
  • Salesforce – The Evolution of Innovation
  • 500 Startups – The Startup Ecosystem from the 500 Startups Perspective, with a focus on Private and Public Sector Initiatives
  • Uber – Innovative Regulations for Disruptive Industries

Day 2

  • Cisco Systems – Business transformation in Cisco Latin America
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Technology in Action
  • VMWare
  • Weebly – Panel discussion on Emerging Markets Outlook: Latin America

Day 3 

  • Google –  Innovation & Digital Transformation
  • Facebook – FB’s initiatives in Latin America
  • Stanford University


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