Behind the Wheel: The Future of Mobility


The future of mobility with robots in the driver’s seat.

Panelists includes:
– Nick Sugimoto, CEO, Honda Innovations
– Dragos Maciuca, Technical Director – Palo Alto Research & Inno. Center, Ford Motor Company
– Glenn Schuster, Director of Technical Marketing, NVIDIA
– Dr. James Kuffner, CTO, Toyota Research Institute
– Kah Seng Tay, VP of Engineering,
– Moderator: Robert Coneybeer, Partner, Shasta Ventures

Panel discussion held at Silicon Valley Forum’s ‘Robots on the Rise: Building the Future of Robotics in Japan and the US’ in partnership with NEDO on October 16th, 2017 at Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.

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orurandoBehind the Wheel: The Future of Mobility