Startup Pitch Night: Focus on Artificial Intelligence

From Isaac Asimov to “Age of Ultron,” AI and machine intelligence have been regarded with reservation. But at our January 18th event Startup Pitch Night: Focus on Artificial Intelligence, the audience got to see AI as a Service—and the amazing ways in which deep learning will enhance the systems we’re using already. From shopping apps to prostate cancer imaging, we learned from each of the six pitching startups how AI is rapidly changing our technology for the better—making it smarter, faster, and better able to serve both data needs and human needs.

Meet the pitching companies below:

FanAI is an AI-driven loyalty analytics platform focusing on the intersection between sports and entertainment franchises, especially eGaming and digital sports, and their sponsor ecosystems, increasing franchise and sponsorship revenues via their fanbase. provides self-learning sales assistant that helps companies to make more sales. The machine-learning powered assistant learns from human, makes suggestions, and carries out tasks when it gains enough confidence.

Winning company Maxwell MRI has combined 3D medical imaging, pathology and EHR data with deep learning to develop a next generation platform for disease diagnostics – starting with Prostate Cancer. Developed in close collaboration with clinicians Maxwell MRI delivers the quantitative insights they need to diagnose prostatic cancer quickly, accurately, and affordably. For hospitals Maxwell MRI reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and accelerates the diagnostic process. fixes the gap between image content and product intelligence using advanced deep learning image recognition. Retailers use the AI capability to increase product discovery, facilitating higher click through rates on recommended products and out of stock products using visual image search. Our solution works with natural images, social media and UGC.

Elafris is pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into virtual agents that are precisely tailored for the banking and insurance industries. Elafris enables insurers to move beyond emails and SMS to the next generation messaging platforms. AI powered Elafris virtual agents do the heavy lifting, providing quotes, collecting payments and selling add-on products. uses machine vision and deep learning to enable users to buy from any image in social media or camera shots. First POC is on Fashion via a mobile app for fashion which is now available on iOS and Android app stores.


Thank you to our pitch judges Joseph Raffa of IBM Ventures, Anarghya Vardhana of Maveron, Shelly Zhuang of Eleven Two Capital, Stan Lewandowski of K&L Gates, and moderator Max Shapiro of PeopleConnect for their wonderful questions and invaluable insights. And as always, thank you to our partners K&L Gates for providing a beautiful venue AND a whole mess of fancy cheese for the attendees to enjoy.

The next Startup Pitch Night will be held on March 8th, and will focus on Retail and Ecommerce – learn more and apply at the event page here!

Author: Micaela Youmans
Head of Ops. and Communication

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