Startup Pitch Night: Focus on HealthTech

While there’s still a long way to go, healthcare is a tech frontier with limitless potential–and startup entrepreneurs, hospitals, and physicians are learning how to work together to create a bold new future for next-level treatments and solutions. At our July 19th Startup Pitch Night: Focus on HealthTech, we met six new companies who are working to build those crucial next steps.

Meet the companies and their stories below:

Meru Health is a company of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with a big vision to make mental healthcare accessible, engaging, and outcome driven. Our easy-to-access digital program helps improve the lives of people living with depression and saves on healthcare costs.

iTreatMD provides a point of care app that guides clinicians with check list to treat diseases, and generates encounter notes for clinicians and personalized treatment plan for patients.

Flosstime is a smart floss dispenser elegantly designed to help you build daily flossing habits. We know we’re supposed to floss, but most of us forget. Traditional floss dispensers are old, outdated and hard to remember. Flosstime is a habit-forming device that will make flossing fun and nearly impossible to forget (patent-pending).

eLutions is a medical devices company in R&D developing in vitro and ex vivo optical spectroscopy for point-of-care and mobile diagnostics.. We rely on a strong mathematical foundation in data analysis, combine it with emerging and revolutionary optical technologies, and develop fully-integrated solutions built from the component level up.

Andaman7 was created to significantly improve communication between doctors and patients and empowering them to work effectively together.

Winning company Roam Robotics believes powered exoskeletons can overcome some of the limits presented by our bodies and enable new capabilities. We see a different future where exoskeletons are a tool used to make people more mobile in their jobs, in their homes, and ultimately in their everyday life.


Thank you to our pitch judges Gail Gannon of Wave Edge Capital, Ranjeet Alexis of Intel Capital, Alidad Vakili of K&L Gates, and Eylul Kayin of NEA for lending their expertise and invaluable insights for an evening. Thank you to our wonderful hosts at Cooper and, as always, our partners K&L Gates.

Our next Startup Pitch Night will be held on September 13th – stay tuned!

Author: Micaela Youmans
Head of Ops. and Communication

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