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Startups: Share Your Unique Perspective!

As a startup you are in a unique position to create something new and different – a new product, a unique service, a different organization.

However, as you win customers and grow the business, you’re presented with new challenges that come with being a hypergrowth startup. What will help you continue to attract and retain innovative talent? How can you shape your culture as you scale? How can you continue to engage your workforce as your operations become more complex? What’s the best way to keep your most innovative talent engaged and productive at every growth phase, from 10 employees to 10,000?

Without the right talent in place it’s hard to achieve your startup’s vision. So what does it look like when people get it right?

Mercer’s 2019 Innovation-driven Tech Workplaces (ITW) research revealed 5 distinct people practices that set highly innovative and engaged workplaces in tech apart from the rest (View Mercer’s research findings from ITW 2019). With “Building Hypergrowth Workplaces” research, we are expanding our research to understand how fast growing startups create a differentiated employee experience while scaling quickly.

Bring your unique perspective to this research. The survey takes 15 minutes to complete and your responses will remain anonymous. Data collected is for research purposes only.


By completing and submitting the survey you will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive preview of the survey findings, along with receiving a copy of the full survey report once it is available.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

If you are unable to access the survey via the above link, please copy the following URL and paste into your browser:


We focus on the complex and unique needs of clients in the technology industry. Leveraging extensive data and benchmarks, in-depth industry expertise, and years of human capital experience, we work with clients to develop a tailored, strategic approach to solving today and tomorrow’s toughest people challenges. Simply said, our goal is to create solutions and tools, thought leadership, and share insights that enable our tech clients to deliver a future-ready people strategy to lead through disruption.

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