Taiwan Rocks SF! 12 Taiwanese Startups take the stage at Google Launchpad

Here at Silicon Valley Forum, our favorite part of working with international startups is getting a brand-new perspective on problem solving—this was never more apparent than in the twelve incredible startups from Taiwan who presented their companies at #TaiwanRocksSF on May 11th at Google Launchpad in San Francisco. From a VR music platform to resume assistants to personal data management, our sold-out audience was treated to a vision of an amazing array of unique ideas.

We kicked off the party with a panel on an insider’s look at today’s startup investment market, featuring moderator Michael Torosian of Pillsbury Law, Wendy Lung of IBM Ventures, Chris Abshire of Fenox Venture Capital, and Vinod C. Joseph of Samsung Research America.

  • It’s a great time to look for funding as a startup—between investors, angels, crowdfunding, and corporate venture arms popping up everywhere, entrepreneurs have more choice than ever before.
  • As we heard in our IBM event last month: investors and VCs have noticed a trend of startups claiming AI features even if they don’t technically have them. Investors can always tell…
  • At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what region or part of the world you’re coming from—what matters is the problem you’re trying to solve.

The startup pitches were next:

  • Jobalaya is an introvert-friendly recruitment platform for job seekers to get referrals with zero networking.
  • LyraVR is a music creation platform for musicians and fans to compose, perform, and share in a fully interactive virtual space.
  • CakeResume modernizes the job search by enabling anyone to craft a slick, media-rich online resume in minutes.
  • Akohub’s AI-driven marketing platform keeps ecommerce vendors connected with visitors via dead simple social ad targeting and a friendly chatbot.
  • SurveyCake is an intuitive cloud-based survey builder with customizable event triggers and seamless integration with your CRM.
  • Bitmark is the property system for the digital environment that allows you to turn your personal data and digital assets into unique property.
  • Toii is a location-based AR game and travel platform that connects businesses to customers in major cities around the world.
  • PicSee is a link shortener that boosts social media engagement through eye-catching customization.
  • Adenovo is an AI-driven risk-management tool for auto financing that helps banks cut costs by 90%.
  • U-GYM is a pocket-sized deep-tissue massager that soothes muscle pain and relieves stiffness in just under 30 minutes.
  • Pi Square delivers real-time and collaborative power to animation production by increasing rendering speeds an average of 1000x.
  • Pointimize is a sleek metasearch engine that allows you to easily compare miles, points, and cash deals across leading hotel and airline loyalty programs.


We’re grateful to our panelists and startup judges, as well as the amazing team at Taiwan Startup Stadium. Thank-yous also go to our program hosts at Google Launchpad.

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