The FinTech Evolution: Banking on the Blockchain talks are published!

The FinTech Evolution: Banking on the Blockchain on May 30th 2017 held at Swissnex, San Francisco was an insightful afternoon with more than 230 fintech and Blockchain industry executives in the room and with 26 experts on stage discussing the opportunities and challenges ahead. Is Blockchain a hype or the next industrial revolution? We have now published the talks and panel discussions from the conference both as videos and podcasts. Watch the videos here and listen to all the podcasts right here in this post. Save this link and listen to the talks anytime, anywhere. Thank you to our premier partner IBM and hosting partner Swissnex San Francisco!

We’ve also highlighted some memorable quotes from our speakers:

Enterprise IT is growing thanks to Blockchain/FinTech advancements, and not just saving money–new things are possible.” – Dominic Williams, President/CTO at String Labs and Chief Scientist at DFINITY.

FinTech is a rare industry that stands to be both disrupted AND enabled by advancing technology.” – Eric Rosenthal, VP of Business Development, ABRA.

I will eat my shoe if any commercial bank winds up replacing their infrastructure with Blockchain in my lifetime.” – Catheryne Nicholson, CEO & Founder, BlockCypher

What engineers can design and build is worlds away from what governments are going to let you use.” – Mike Lempres, Chief Legal and Risk Officer, Coinbase.

FinTech startups: trust regulators. Partnerships with institutions are fundamental to the success of this technology.” – Jack Saba, Managing Partner, Day One Investments.

The early Blockchain winners will most likely be in smart contracts and logistics–they won’t even touch banking.” – Brett Noyes, Managing Partner, Unbank Ventures.

Being Blockchain-agnostic for the foreseeable future is a prerequisite.” – Ryan Orr, Founder & CEO, Chronicled.


Going Big on Blockchain – Dominic Williams, String Labs, DIFINITY


Panel Discussion: How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt The Banking Industry


Transforming the Supply Chain – Dion Lisle, VP at CapGemini


Is Blockchain the Future of Real Estate? – Natalia Karayaneva CEO & Co-Founder of Propy


Panel Discussion: A Disruption in Progress: Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Capital Markets


Enterprise Alliances and Consortia Building; from a Swiss Perspective – Steven Reading, Head of Corporate Innovation & Startup Development, Swissnex


Panel Discussion: Decentralized Worlds: Regulations, Policy, & Innovation


Panel Discussion: Is the Blockchain all hype or the next Industrial Revolution?


Internet Unchained: How IoT is Disrupting the Blockchain – Ryan Orr, Founder and CEO at Chronicled

Author: Xi-Er Dang
Product Marketing Specialist

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