The human capital is underutilized!

3 billion people want full-time jobs, but there are only 1.3 billion jobs available. Human capital is enormously underutilized. Imagine if everyone were employed the GDP could potentially quadruple, an oversimplified guess but we’re convinced.

On November 10th, Silicon Valley Forum (SVForum) together with i4j hosted its second event as part of the Innovation for Jobs series. The event was held at IBM Innovation Center in San Mateo, California; and the room was filled with more than 50 people who are passionate about the creation of meaningful work. Panelists of the evening included:

Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist at General Electric. Marco is responsible for global economic, financial and market analysis to support GE’s business strategy.

Richard Raya, Chief of Staff at The Workers Lab. The Workers Lab is an accelerator that invests in entrepreneurs and business to create scalable and self-sustaining solutions to improve conditions for low-wage workers.

Lucian Tarnowski, CEO of BraveNew. BraveNew is an online collaboration platform for enterprise that connects employees, customers, partners, members and stakeholders.

Ingrid Jacobson, COO at Inner City Advisors. Ica selects, manages and prepares high-impact entrepreneurs to create good jobs for people with high barriers to employment.

Jim Spohrer, Director, Global University Programs at IBM. Jim works with service research pioneers from diverse academic disciplines for global competency development, economic development, and advancement of science.

David Nordfors, CEO and co-founder of i4j. Innovation for Jobs bring together individuals from the public and private sectors to discuss the changing economy.


Open-floor free-style pitching

Unique to this series is an open-floor forum for entrepreneurs to free-style pitch their initiatives. The panelists then give feedback to the entrepreneur, which created a dynamic and interactive evening with everyone involved. We got the opportunity to listen to some great ideas that could maximize the potential of the human capital. The pitching companies included:

Brief – A personal trainer for freelancers to deepen the business relationships.

Blendoor – A mobile app for matching diverse talent with jobs in the tech industry by removing unconscious bias.

Jobcouch – Matches you with hourly jobs from the top local merchants and retailers.

Samaschool – Use the internet to provide low-income people with training that connect them with the digital economy.

Cubecab – Developing a launch service for individuals to have their own satellite to make a living doing things in space.

Tweets from the evening



Inspiring to see enthusiastic bright people striving for a better  , i came out much more optimistic @SVForum


Author: Xi-Er Dang
Product Marketing Specialist

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