August 24 – 26, 2020 | Silicon Valley and Northern California


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Technology has undoubtedly reinvented agriculture in recent decades, greatly increasing the efficiency of farmland and allowing growers to provide food at a low cost to billions. AgTech as we know it uses the farm as the starting point and iterates from there. However, emerging companies are calling for a reinvention of our food systems, with sustainability at its core: local, regenerative, and healthy for both people and planet.

But can sustainability scale? Which avenue will lead to the long-term sustainability of our planet? What does the earth need from growers in order to survive? Do we continue reiterating current systems to increase efficiency, or develop this new way of thinking about the sources of our food? Which one of these two is the way forward to feed 10 billion people while promoting sustainability?

The 2020 Seeds of Our Future summit and immersion program is a platform for thinking about the future of AgTech – and the role that technology will play in building agricultural systems that will help the planet survive.

Program topics will include:

• AgTech, reinvented: Big Ag’s New Focus on Sustainability

• Hyperlocalized solutions – and what they might look like at scale

• Cell (lab-grown) meat: What is the timeline to widespread market adoption?

• Are technologists building AgTech for efficiency or sustainability?

• Indoor farming: what (or who) is the right target for the solution it offers?


more details coming soon

August 24: Seeds of Our Future AgTech Summit 
Our expert summit panelists and presenters will help paint the picture of the current AgTech landscape, from a financial and technological perspective – and what we can anticipate for the future.

August 25: Salinas, CA – Will Growers be the Reluctant Heroes in Building a Sustainable Future? 
• Visit top farms in the Salinas valley that leverage technology. Learn about why tech is important to them and the future of these initiatives.
• Meet growers who have adopted technology: What does it do for them?
• Speak with startups focused on helping large ag operations to become more efficient.
• Learn about the role of sustainability on large farms, and their vision for the future.

August 26: Silicon Valley – AgTech Revolution 2.0 
• Visit tech startups focused on building next-gen food systems, with sustainability center in mind.
• See the future of cell-based meat, indoor farming and hyperlocal food systems design.

Past Speakers and Presenters

2020 speakers announced soon!

Dennis Donohue

Dennis Donohue Director, Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology

Charles Baron

Charles Baron Co-Founder & VP, Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

Nick Sramek

Nick Sramek Director of International Relations, Silicon Valley Forum

Aaron Magenheim

Aaron Magenheim Founder, AgTech Insight

Alex Luce

Alex Luce Partner, Creative Ventures

Denyse Cardozo

Denyse Cardozo Executive Director, Silicon Valley Forum

Scott Sedgely

Scott Sedgely Vice Mayor, City of Napa

Rohini Banskota

Rohini Banskota Director of Policy, Finless Foods

B. David Vosburg

B. David Vosburg CFO & SVP Strategy, Crop One Holdings

Ryan Brantley

Ryan Brantley Director of Cultivation, Caliva

Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson CEO, Grupo Flor

Joe Gunter

Joe Gunter Mayor of Salinas

Karl Kerksiek

Karl Kerksiek VC, Finistere Ventures

Robert Morris

Robert Morris Founder and CEO, TerrAvion, Inc.

Omer Davidi

Omer Davidi Founder and CEO, BeeHero

Jamie Bacher

Jamie Bacher CoFounder and CEO, Boost Biomes

Bruce Borden

Bruce Borden COO, FarmX

Adrian Ferraro Fernandez

Adrian Ferraro Fernandez CoFounder and CEO, Biome Makers Inc.

Naeem Zafar

Naeem Zafar CoFounder and CEO, TeleSense

Morgan Paxhia

Morgan Paxhia Managing Director & Chief Investor, Poseidon Asset Managment

Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf Chief Scientist, Arable Labs Inc.

Will Drayton

Will Drayton Director Technical Viticulture & Research Winemaking, Treasury Wine Estates

Adam Reineck

Adam Reineck Global Design Director,

Luan Nio

Luan Nio Senior Partnerships Lead,

Deborah Magid

Deborah Magid Director, Software Strategies, IBM Ventures

Sebastian Boyer

Sebastian Boyer CoFounder & CEO, FarmWise

Mike Dodson

Mike Dodson CoFounder & CEO, Pago

Jill Brigham

Jill Brigham Executive Director, Smart farming & Sustainable Wine & Food Processing, UC Davis


Dates and tickets available soon!



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