Seeds of Our Future:

The Flight of the Honeybees

August 18 & 19th, 2021!

2-Day Virtual AgTech Conference


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For All Our AgTech Enthusiasts

Globally, honeybees are the largest pollinator of food crops- and innovations in AI, robotics, sensors, and data are being leveraged to address the important issue of the declining bee population.

This year, in advance of World Honeybee Day, we will bring together industry players, and the agtech community from across the globe for a  2-Day Virtual Conference on August 18 & 19th to share their insight on the honeybee’s role in crop pollination, the latest technologies being deployed, biodiversity & our environment, and the importance of honeybees to our food supply – from farm to table.

We will also host a pitch competition, bringing in startups from around the world whose disruptive technologies will help shape the future of our crops and our honeybees.

Conference Agenda

Wednesday, August 18 | 8:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. Thursday, August 19 | 9:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

2021 Speakers and Presenters

More speakers to BEE announced soon!

Dennis Donohue

Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology

Dr. Marla Spivak

MacArthur Fellow, Distinguished McKnight Professor & Extension Entomologist
University of Minnesota Bee Research Facility

Nicky Deasy

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
The Yield Lab Europe

Britt Lundgren

Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

Teah Smith

Entomologist & Agriculture Consultant
Zirkle Fruit Company

Derek Norman

Vice President, Venture Investments
Leaps by Bayer

IT ALL HAPPENS AUGUST 18 & 19th, 2021!


Silver Sponsors

Community Partners

Pitch Application is
Now Open!

On August 18th we will have a pitch competition! We have 5 spots available for startups disrupting crop technology (nuts/fruits – data, sensors, ai, robotics, irrigation or other innovative solutions) and 5 spots available for bee/honey technology startups. Please make sure your company meets the criteria before you apply, check out the application below.  

Meet the Presenting Startups!

Omer Davidi

Co-Founder and CEO

Darko Mandich

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark DeSantis

Bloomfield Robotics

Darren Bainbridge

Founder & Managing Director

Keren Mimran

Founder, VP Business Development & Marketing
Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture

Matías Viel

Bee Flow

Daniel White

Co-Founder & CEO
Clean Crop Technologies

Jyotsna Budideti

CEO & Co-Founder

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