August 20-23, 2019 | SILICON VALLEY, CA



About the Program

Silicon Valley Forum’s Seeds of Our Future Immersion Program invites global AgTech innovators on an intensive four-day journey through Silicon Valley, Salinas, and Napa Valley. An increasing global population and dwindling resources are some of the biggest challenges we face, and innovation in agricultural technology is key for sustaining and improving the way our farmers seed, grow and harvest their products. Join us this August for an immersive 4-day program of interactive discussions, where you will:

  • Learn about cutting edge innovation in agricultural technology
  • Hear from agtech-facing startups: their challenges and successes
  • Engage with Venture Capitalists to understand how they see the future of investing
  • Talk to farmers who have partnered with technology companies (on location in Salinas and Napa)
  • Meet potential partners, investors, and customers

About the Seeds of Our Future: Since the inaugural event in 2016, the Seeds of Our Future has brought together tech innovators, startups, investors, farmers, universities, governments, and industry experts to connect on topics such as automated farms, food safety and traceability, controlled environments, UAVs, and much more. California is home to the world’s most productive seats of both technology and agriculture, and this program examines the ways in which we can bridge the two and build a better future.

When and Where

The Seeds of Our Future Immersion Program will be held August 20-23, 2019, and will tour through a variety of locations in Silicon Valley, Salinas, and Napa Valley. You’ll have the opportunity to tour working farms and agricultural centers, and visit innovative companies and startups working in biotech, agtech, drones and UAV, big data/IoT, and much more.

How to Choose Your Ticket

We have two options to attend Seeds of Our Future 2019:

Summit Only – August 20, 2019 in San Jose, CA. Come join the group of global agtech corporates, innovators, investors, and government officials leading the conversations, exploring solutions, and working on exciting innovations in the agtech sector. Before the delegates hit the road for an exciting, hands on journey through California’s agricultural heartland, spend the day sharing your insights into global agriculture challenges, forge meaningful partnerships to take your solutions from the laboratory to the field and food systems, and get up to speed on current innovations in agtech and sustainability. Limited amount of tickets available!

Complete Program – Full access to all four days of the program, including bus tours to Salinas and Napa Valley. This ticket type is ideal for industry leaders involved in agtech, clean and greentech, digital infrastructure, and more.

Past Highlights: The Seeds of Our Future AgTech Program



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Past Immersion Program Speakers

Deborah Magid

Deborah Magid Dir. Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group

Deborah Magid represents IBM’s $25 B software business in the company’s Venture Capital Group. Her expertise spans several industries, and she brings insight from the venture community to the development of IBM’s growth strategies.

Hank Giclas

Hank Giclas SVP Science Technology Strategic Planning Western Growers

SVP Science Technology Strategic Planning Western Growers

Nolan Paul

Nolan Paul R D Strategy Emerging Tech Driscolls

R D Strategy Emerging Tech Driscolls

George Kellerman

George Kellerman COO GP Yamaha Motor Ventures Laboratory Silicon Valley

COO GP Yamaha Motor Ventures Laboratory Silicon Valley

Mareese Keane

Mareese Keane Thrive Platform Director, Thrive Accelerator

Thrive Platform Director, Thrive Accelerator

Rob Leclerc

Rob Leclerc CoFounder, AgFunder

CoFounder AgFunder

Helle Petersen

Helle Petersen Program Manager, Water Energy and Technology Center

Dennis Donohue

Dennis Donohue Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology

Manuel Esteban Gonzalez Guzman

Manuel Esteban Gonzalez Guzman Managing Director & Founder, FoodBytes and Terra

Eric Migicovsky

Eric Migicovsky Partner, Y Combinator

Manu Pillai

Manu Pillai Founder & President, WaterBit

Danny Royer

Danny Royer VP of Technology, Bowles Farming Company

Joe Gunter

Joe Gunter Mayor, City of Salinas

Dr. Alessandro Turatti

Dr. Alessandro Turatti President & CEO, Turatti North America

Bill Green

Bill Green Education Manager, Center for Irrigation Technology

Sarge Green

Sarge Green Interim Director, Center for Irrigation Technology

Tim Jacobsen

Tim Jacobsen Field Research Manager, Center for Irrigation Technology

David Zoldoske

David Zoldoske Project Specialist, Center for Irrigation Technology

Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf Founder & CEO, Arable Labs

Waldo Moraga

Waldo Moraga CEO and GM, ECO2MIX

Mitch Partovi

Mitch Partovi Key Account Manager, Waterfind USA

Jason Aramburu

Jason Aramburu Venture Capital Investor, Baidu.Ventures

Miku Jha

Miku Jha Founder and CEO, AgShift

Christopher Seifert

Christopher Seifert VP of Data Science, Granular

Sofia Elizondo

Sofia Elizondo Co-founder & COO, Brightseed

Jun Axup

Jun Axup Scientific Director & Partner, IndieBio

Mike Selden

Mike Selden CEO, Finless Foods

Spencer Maughan

Spencer Maughan Partner, Finistere Ventures

Brendan Solan

Brendan Solan Director Supply Chain Platforms, Driscoll's

Bakur Kvezereli

Bakur Kvezereli CEO & Co-Founder, Ztractor

Arturo Elizondo

Arturo Elizondo CEO, Clara Foods

Raja Ramachandran

Raja Ramachandran Founder,

Josh Ruiz

Josh Ruiz VP of Ag Operations, Church Brothers Farms

Sammy Duda

Sammy Duda Senior VP of National Operations, Duda Farm Fresh Food

Olivier Jerphagnon

Olivier Jerphagnon Founder, PowWow Energy

Jackie Vazquez

Jackie Vazquez Director of Ag Operations, Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce

Jeff Macon

Jeff Macon Program Manager, Fresno State's California Water Institute

Peter Herz

Peter Herz Co-founder, FoodSystem6

Paul Bissett

Paul Bissett COO, Harvest CROO Robotics

Michael Christensen

Michael Christensen Director of Technical Services, Driscoll's

Immersion Program Agenda

August 20-23

Agenda posted soon!

Pickup point each day: Hyatt Place San Jose/Downtown, 282 S Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113

Day 1 (August 20th)

San Jose

schedule to be announced

Day 2 (August 21st)


schedule to be announced

Day 3 (August 22nd)

Silicon Valley

schedule to be announced

Day 4 (August 23rd)

Napa Valley

schedule to be announced


Seeds of Our Future through the years


Don’t miss this intensive immersion tour through beautiful Northern California!

Immersion Program Locations – August 20 – 23:
Silicon Valley, Salinas, and Napa Valley

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