Women in Tech Festival 2017 talks available as PODCASTS!

Women in Tech Festival 2017 in March 24th-25th held at Microsoft, Mountain View were two fun and jam-packed days with amazing women and men sharing their unique experience on how to inspire, empower, and support women in tech. The festival included a mix of power talks and panel discussions that left one with hope and empowerment to go out of our comfort zone and do more than we believe we can do.

We’re excited to announce that not only are the talk and panel videos available to watch (see menu Watch > Tech Talks) from the festival, we’ve also made them available in podcast format. You can now listen to the content directly here on the page whenever you like wherever you like; on your commute, out on a run, while walking your dog, on your road-trip etc. We guarantee that with any of the talks you’ll be left inspired to do something more or different.

There are 16 talks, between ten minutes to one hour, listen to them right here on the page!

1. Rashmi Gopinath, Microsoft Ventures – It’s all about human connection and trust 


2. Nora Poggi – ‘She Started It’: A Unique Story About Women In Tech Founders 


3. Funding Successes and Challenges with Co-Founders of Kabam, InDinero & Modsy 


4. Melody McCloskey, StyleSeat – Leadership as Your Startup Grows 


5. Diversity Panel with Airbnb, Pinterest, Intel, Microsoft & Unitive 


6. Narges Bani Asadi, Roche – Conquering The Yet 


7. In The Center Of The Room Panel with Google, Accenture, EpiQuette, and more. 


8. Mary Bui-Pham, Yahoo – Business Lessons From The Greenhousee 


9. Iba Masood, Tara – The Future Of Work – Woman And Machine Symbiosis 


10. The STEMinists from NASA, Watson, Savioke & Engender Technologies 


11. Janice McDonald, The Beacon Agency – Leading During Peaks And Valleys 


12. Stephanie Lampkin, Blendoor – Implicit Bias Isnt Eliminated Its Recreated 


13. Why Women Are A Good Investment Panel with Glu, LiveRamp, CSAA Insurance Group and more. 


14. Anarghya Vardhana, Maveron – Pitching To a VC 


15. Kaitlyn Hova 3D-printed her violin and started Hova Labs 

Author: Xi-Er Dang
Product Marketing Specialist

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