You Won’t Want to Miss This: The Seeds of Our Future – Innovating Global AgTech

Something amazing is growing in Silicon Valley this August–and we want you to be there!

Silicon Valley Forum’s The Seeds of Our Future: Innovating Global AgTech invites you on a one-week journey through Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and the Central Valley, where you’ll explore the very latest innovations in agtech (agriculture technology, for those unfamiliar with the term!). This program will also take a look at the future of mass-produced food and sustainable farming, with an eye on scalable solutions for the world of tomorrow.

We’re extra-proud to present this program here in Northern California, which is home to both Silicon and the Central Valley–a unique and dynamic hub of abundance and productivity in both technology and agriculture. This program examines the ways in which we can bridge the two in order to build a better future.

Some California Agriculture Fast Facts–Did You Know:

  • Agricultural exports totaled $20.04 billion
  • California produces over 400 commodities–including 80% of the world’s almonds!
  • Over 1/3 of vegetables and 2/3 of fruits and nuts consumed by Americans are grown in California (source)

And just a few hours’ drive away sits Silicon Valley–a region with the third-highest GDP per capita in the world, and close to 40% of all US technology investments flowing in each year. With a diverse population, focus on innovation and growth, and high concentration of tech entrepreneurs, the groundwork is already laid for a bold new approach to sustainable farming. The Seeds of Our Future will explore how the bridges are being built–and what you can do to help.

Since the inaugural event in 2016, the Seeds of Our Future has invited tech innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, farmers and growers, students, government representatives, and industry experts to connect on topics such as automated farms, food safety and supply-chain transparency, controlled environments, UAVs, and more. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this event, in every possible sense–you’ll leave the program with a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and new connections. With The Seeds of Our Future, we hope to both drive and inspire you to achieve new heights in agtech and sustainable growth–and help set the pace to meet a fast-approaching future.

For more information, speakers, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the event page.

Hope to see you there!

Attendee testimonials:

This was a terrific event and we look forward to being back next year!

The AgTech Immersion tour was really very well organised and executed. I specifically liked the composition / mix of participants on the tour, providing lots of Networking opportunities. The speeches and Events were also very good, with a broad mix of start-ups, Investors, established companies.

Want to attend, but need to get your boss on board? We have an invitation letter all ready to go!

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