World Cup Tech Challenge 2016 – FINALISTS ANNOUNCED!

We’re delighted to announce the finalists for World Cup Tech Challenge 2016! This June, the following amazing startups will meet to compete on the World Cup Tech stage at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus in Silicon Valley. Each year, the Challenge showcases a selected group of emerging technology companies from around the world, each of whom has a chance to bring home the World Championship title.

Check out the startups below, visit the Group pages to watch their videos, and then cast a vote for your favorites to help them win! You can vote for multiple startups in each category, but vote for each startup only once.

Our 2016 competing lineup:


1. FAMOCO (#WCTFrance): Powerful Android transactional devices, integrating a remote device management platform, that provides a very flexible and secure way to manage high volumes of devices and transactions, at an affordable price, which results in greater business agility.

2. Capdesk (#WCTDenmark): Capdesk is creating a blockchain powered secondary market. We are doing this by offering a shareholder management tool for pre-ipo companies and inviting its shareholders to join. Shareholders can request share transfers and companies can approve.



1. California Safe Soil (#WCTUSA): California Safe Soil converts food from supermarkets into liquid fertilizer for farms in only 3 hours. We’ve proven our technology at pilot scale and are now completing our first commercial plant to meet demand for our product.

2. Engender Technologies (#WCTNewZealand): Sex selection of offspring is a critical need (and exceptional commercial opportunity) in agriculture. Engender meets this challenge – first for dairy, then pork – with a proprietary microfluidic and photonic chip that sorts sperm by sex for artificial insemination.

3. AstroDigital (#WCTUSA): We are building a platform for fast and easy access to satellite imagery focusing on AgTech. Our processing pipeline turns the imagery into rich data layers and our API feeds everything directly into web and mobile apps for crops, timber and livestock monitoring.


IoT (internet of things):

1. Otosense (#WCTUSA): OtoSense is the most scalable, intelligent B2B sound recognition software platform, allowing its clients to turn non-speech sounds into actionable meaning.

2. RedBird (#WCTFrance): Redbird offers a cloud platform for construction sites and quarries to access drone data anywhere, anytime and make better business decisions. Our powerful mapping platform gives customer all the analytics and insights they need to do in two hours what took 2 weeks.

3. Zolertia (#WCTSpain): We enable the Internet of Low-power Things by providing hardware and software solutions to easily connect a low-power thing to Internet with the minimum time-to-market; all this on a “smartphone for the things” approach with an OS running Internet Apps.

4. BagelLabs (#WCTKorea): Bagel Labs’ Bagel is the world’s smartest tape measure that lets you easily measure, record, and use size data. It provides three different modes of measurement, records voice memos, and connects wirelessly to your smartphone app.


1. Geaenzymes (#WCTChile): Our product is an enzymatic preparation that has the ability to decrease the saturated fats present on Dairy products, this is a several problem for the industry because the labeling laws.

2. Furley Bioextracts (#WCTMalaysia): Spray 8 is an all-natural water-based wound treatment, with proven anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. Results can be seen in 5 minutes with no pain upon application. Application can easily be done by the person through a spray delivery system.

3. LivSpek (#WCTCanada): LivSpek has developed a needle-free, optical method to measure blood constituents in real-time using Resonance Raman Spectroscopy through the conjunctiva. This technology is proprietary to LivSpek and the basis for its anticipated prototype, the SpekOne.

4. Magnetic Insight (#WCTUSA): Magnetic Insight will introduce the first new diagnostic imaging technique since the introduction of CT, MRI and PET over 30 years ago with magnetic particle imaging (MPI). MPI detects iron oxide tracers with high sensitivity deep in the body without radiation or toxins.



1. Performetric (#WCTPortugal): Performetric is a real-time monitoring system that allows the management of mental fatigue in a non-invasive way that aims to develop leisure and work context-aware environments that may improve the quality of life, wellness, mental health and individual performance.

2. SLICK (#WCTUSA): SLICK aims to make effortless video production for mainstream. Our first product is a wearable smart device that let you capture professional grade videos hands free.

Singolar (#WCTCanada): Singolar aims to be leader in the Cognitive Computing space with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advanced Machine Learning (AML) and (NLP).We build Smart Machines that are capable of extracting data from multiple sources and provide action.

3. WeaRobot (#WCTMexico): WeaRobot develops active exoskeletons that can be used as motion assistant or rehabilitation device for the elderly and physically impaired.


Augmented and Virtual Reality:

1. Lucid VR (#WCTUSA): We believe in a world where everyone has access to the experiences of the few. LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. 180° wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spacial audio enhances the experience.

2. Magikbee (#WCTPortugal): Magikbee develops innovative educational games that merge the power of the digital world with the benefits of traditional toys. With a patent pending technology we are combining physical traditional toys with the iPad and other tablets. No batteries or wires required! #WCT

3. Nunolo (#WCTKorea) NUNULO VR implements superior function than functions of all virtual reality devices. With functions necessary for all developing companies, VR dedicated lens and device provide users with experiences of space sense, three-dimensional effect, immersion, and clean resolution.

4. IRYSTEC (#WCTCanada) Displays are manufactured assuming that all eyes are the same. As a result mobile and VR displays run too bright, consume too much power, cause eye strain and eye fatigue. Irystec’s software solves these problems by intelligently adjusting contrast and colour.


With representation from countries all over the world, the startups accepted into the World Cup Tech Challenge have launched their products in their respective local markets and are looking to leverage Silicon Valley’s unique resources. The competition brings great exposure to local VCs, corporate executives, prospective customers, and media.

The World Cup Tech Challenge combines global technology innovation with a touch of friendly nationalistic competition, akin to the World Cup. Founders participating aren’t just representing their companies—they’re representing the pride of their home country. Follow the action as it unfolds on Twitter at #WorldCupTech—and make sure to hit up to watch the videos and vote for your favorite.

In addition to the competition, The World Cup Tech Challenge will feature a fireside chat with founder Tony Conrad. Our 2016 competition judges represent some of the best venture firms in Silicon Valley, including Maveron, Greylock Partners, Samsung Ventures, and Boost VC, along with leading tech companies like IBM Watson and Silicon Valley Robotics. World Cup Tech Challenge global partners include DLA Piper, Execustaff HR, and Microsoft.

Tickets are on sale now – get yours here!


Micaela Youmans
Head of Marketing and Communications
Silicon Valley Forum

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